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Classic Cars

Last weekend was the Bristol Classic Car Show at the Bath and West Showground near Shepton Mallet. I went along in the Cappuccino and ended up in the overflow section of the classic parking area, next to a Rover 3500.

Jaguar E-Type
(that's not the Cappuccino, it's a E-Type)

The trouble with going to a show like this is that I just end up wanting one of just about every car I see there! This year was no exception, and I now want a Hillman Husky (a version of the rear-engined Imp with an estate-car body) and a Volvo Amazon pick-up.

Volvo Amazon Pick-up

I quite liked the look of the hearses, too. In the end I limited myself to buying a some orange festoon-bulb lamps, some offcuts of leather and a couple of quarter-inch hex electric drill/driver gadgets. One is a countersink bit, and the other is an adaptor to drive half-inch sockets.

Messerschmitt Bubble Car

The Bristol Microcar Club stand featured a BMW Isetta, a Messerschmitt, and one I'd never seen before, a Mink microcar. I'll go along to the next monthly meeting, and try to get the City-El to the next bubblecar show in Keynsham.
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