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c0re_dump's Journal

19 December 1961
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Born and grew up in Colchester, Essex. Went to Uni in London, at Westfield College in Hampstead. Worked in London for a few years, on presentation graphics software. Moved back to Colchester to work on time manager software, then to Bristol to work on the transputer at INMOS. Since then, worked on sonar, wearable computers, embedded Linux and digital video.
1980s computers, 6502, 68000, 6809, 8 bit, 80's music, 80s music, acorn computers, amiga, andreas vollenweider, apple ][, apple lisa, apple newton, architecture, arduino, art of noise, assembler, assembly language, atari st, atmel avr, avr, bbc micro, being a geek, betamax, big bang theory, big boots, bricolage, bristol, building computers, c, canon, charity shops, childfree, childfree lifestyle, classic cars, classic computers, coding, coffee, commodore, commodore 64, commodore pet, compukit, computers, creative computing, curry, das boot, digital photography, dismantling electronics, dorkbot, dragon 32, dreamcast, early 80s, eighties music, elcaset, electric vehicles, electronics, embedded systems, emulators, engineering, escher, eurythmics, frank lloyd wright, futurama, gaudi, geek girls, geek women, geeks, genealogy, gp32, green screens, hardware modification, ibm thinkpad, joe satriani, kraftwerk, laserdiscs, lathes, linux, m.c. escher, make magazine, making stuff, making things, microcontrollers, milling machines, my name is earl, nixie tubes, obsolete computers, old computers, old technology, oric, parallel processing, photography, power electronics, powerpc, programming, punk, r-zone, red hair, reel-to-reel tape decks, reel-to-reel tape recorders, retro computers, retro computing, retro gaming, retrocomputers, retrocomputing, reverse engineering, sapiosexuality, sci-fi, sinclair spectrum, slackware, software engineering, soldering, steampunk, stompy boots, strong coffee, strong women, suzuki cappuccino, suzuki sc100, tank girl, technology, the cure, theremins, toshiba libretto, uk101, unix, userfriendly, vacuum tubes, valves, vectrex, vintage computers, vintage computing, vintage electronics, vintage games, virtual boy, wire wrapping, xgamestation